Updating the vCenter server appliance using iso

The offline method of updating the vCenter server appliance is useful for the enviroments which does not have direct internet to avoid security risk. It’s very important that we may need to update or patch these environments.

How to download the patch iso?

We can download the patch from the VMware product patches page.

Once you reach the VMware product patches page, Select VC from the drop-down Menu VC -> Select the version of your vCenter 6.5, 6.7 or 7.0. Download the patch that is the latest in the list for the version of the vCenter that you are using.

Note: when downloading the iso make sure that the tag FP on the iso, when you want to patch the vCenter server. (Refer the image below)

Important: You only need the latest patch because the updates are cumulative, which contains all the patches.

After downloading the iso from the Product Patches page.

Now connect to your vSphere Client and upload this ISO to a data store which is accessible vCenter server appliance. Then select the vCenter server appliance VM and connect the ISO to the VM and select the option connected.

Lets login to the vCenter Appliance management page, use your web browser and connect to https://<vCSA IP Address or hostname>:5480 and log in as root. We’re accessing the appliance itself and not the vCenter Server. Note the port number (5480), which is a specific port destined for management of the vCenter Server appliance.

Click on the update menu and click Check Updates > Check CD‑ROM. Based on the FP iso attached, the update will show up, select Stage and Install

Once you Click the stage and install link, follow the assistant, which will guide you through the patch process.

You have to accept the end-user license agreement, then you might want to join the CEIP (customer experience improvement program). Click -> Next

In the next screen you must check a box saying “I have backed up vCenter and its associated databases.” and then click on Finish.

Once it’s complete the vCenter will be updated to the patch as per the iso attached.

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